A former Yahoo employee who abused his position within the company to penetrate accounts looking for nude images has been sentenced to five years in the US, according to the verdict uploaded by ZDNet . With this, he is currently avoiding a prison sentence of up to five years.

The man declared guilty of hacking six thousand Yahoo accounts at the end of last year. He searched for accounts of young women, including those of friends and colleagues. When he found nude images, he made copies and saved the images on his private computer.

As part of his sentence, he must pay damages of nearly $ 118,500 (nearly $ 105,000) to Yahoo, which is now called Oath. In addition, he will be fined $ 5,000.

During his probationary period, he must also make his home, smartphone and computer available for inspection, even if there is no concrete suspicion against him. Finally, he must be allowed to use the internet.

The convict is estimated to have downloaded 2 TB of data, including between 1,000 and 4,000 private images and videos. The total damage is unknown: He destroyed the hard drive that had a lot of evidence before the FBI raided his home, the indictment said.