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weekend, the American soldiers who came to Haeundae in Busan burst into firecrackers and were very surprised by the citizens. In addition to this, it is also a concern that foreigners who visit vacation destinations often do not wear'masks' properly.

Reporter Im Tae-woo reports.


Last weekend, Busan Haeundae Beach attracted 30,000 visitors a day, and foreigners without masks are spotted everywhere.

Take a group photo of yourself on the beach or play ball with each other.

There are even foreigners who take a kickboard and walk through the crowds.

The reasons are different.

[Foreign tourists: (Why didn't he wear a mask?) I don't want the mask to get wet in the water.]

Explain that the tourist police are patrolling, but there are limitations because they cannot be forced to wear the mask.

[Police: If you see it while walking (wearing a mask), we will guide you, but this is the part that cannot be forced… .]

There are no foreign language guides to guide you on wearing a mask.

[Nam Chan-Woo/Busan-si Sasang-gu: Even if I ask you to wear a mask, I don't hear it and just go away. We are angry. Koreans are almost worn out… .]

Yesterday (5th) 24 people confirmed the influx of foreigners. On the eleventh day, we are recording two digits.

As more and more foreigners visit major tourist destinations in Korea during the holiday season, local governments are worried about how to prevent them.

(Video coverage: Won-ju Lee KNN, Video editing: Park Jin-hoon)