[Gohyunjun's news bulletin]


It is the time of Gohyunjun's news bulletin to pick out the news that is the topic of the time. What is your first news today (6th)?

<Hyunjun Go/Critic Criticism> If

a dog without a leash suffers a traffic accident, who is more responsible than a dog or a car owner?

In June of last year, a passenger car ran into a dog at a pedestrian crossing in Ulsan. At the time, the dog was crossing a pedestrian crossing along the owner's track, but the neckline was absent.

After the accident, the owner of the car filed a lawsuit against the owner, saying that he had spent 4.43 million won for repairing the car.

The Ulsan District Court ruled that some of the races were to be won by paying 194 million won, including dog treatment fees, to the Borrower. I explained why.

However, it was said that the dog owner was obliged to stop the accident by crossing the road with a dog's neckline, and the liability of the borrower was limited to 60%.

Experts have explained that the use of a collar in a pet car accident affects the level of responsibility.

<Anchor> It's

a story that both are wrong. Runners fill the leash, and owners drive straight, I think. Yes. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyunjun Go/Critic Review>

This is the next news. There are a lot of people who use the delivery application when ordering food, but you can leave a review to evaluate the food taste or service in the delivery app.

However, there are not many restaurant owners suffering from this delivery app review.

This is because it is frequently happening that the food taste is excessively deprecated or that the reviews are overlooked and that excessive service is required.

Some consumers take pictures of throwing away food in a sink or garbage bag, but delivery apps often see reviews and select restaurants, so it's not easy for a restaurant to pass these malicious reviews.

Delivery app platforms are also responding, but the nation of delivery has removed more than 60,000 malicious reviews, and Yogi Yoo has developed a model that automatically filters out false reviews by applying AI technology.

However, it is pointed out that there are more than 10 million users, so it is difficult to filter them out only by crackdown.

There is also a demand that a restaurant needs to evaluate customers or a joint evaluation system in which other users rate reviews because customers are moving away from a one-way review system that evaluates businesses.


It doesn't seem like it's really easy for a restaurant to evaluate customers, but it's also true that I don't really know where to trust because of review manipulation and review suddenly. Please tell me the next news.

<Hyunjun Go/Critic Reviewer>

Recently, a mask has attracted great interest in an American funding site, and it is said that it has raised over 2 billion dollars and more than 2.4 billion won in Korean money.

It is a transparent mask developed by a medical device company in the United States. It is the world's first active mask that automatically ventilates by measuring air quality and user's metabolism with a sensor, and is said to have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and the FDA.

The mask body is made of recyclable transparent silicone, etc., and has its own anti-fog function, so you can easily authenticate your smartphone face without removing the mask.

After the spread of Corona 19, the mask became a necessity, and hearing and hearing impaired people who were talking while checking facial expressions and lip movements had difficulty communicating. This mask also placed the filter under the chin, making the mouth visible.

It is said that the mask is divided into a product equipped only with a HEPA filter, a product with self-sterilization by attaching UV light, and a product that automatically ventilates by attaching a sensor that can measure the air quality and user's metabolism.