Disciplinary action for permanent expulsion has been imposed on Gyeongju City Hall coach and captain, who are allegedly beating and harassing Choi Choi Sook-hyun. Yesterday (6th), those who attended the Sports Fair Committee of the Triathlon Association in the evening claimed that there were no assaults, but the FTC judged that they had engaged in assault and aggression.

Reporter Kim Jung-woo reports.


After the discussion over 4 hours from 4 pm yesterday, the Sports Fair Committee voted for the punishment of permanent expulsion for coach Kim Mo and the captain.

One other senior player was disciplined for ten years of suspension.

Coach Kim deliberately neglected the assault on the team, and the captain decided that he continued to engage in assault and aggression.

All three of the members of the FTC still insisted that "there is no assault", but the fair members believed the victims' statements were more credible.

[Ahn Young-ju/Chairman of Sports Fair: There were a lot of areas where the victims' statements were in agreement, and it wasn't seen as intentionally creating damages. The statement seemed to have credibility.]

In addition, there were many incredible parts of the statements made by Director Kim, etc.

[Ahn Young-joo/Sports Fair Chairperson: I was shown to make the same statement in the same pattern. I thought that the committee had prepared a countermeasure with sufficient assistance.]

The three persons who are subject to disciplinary action may request a reconsideration within a week due to the Fair Trade Regulations.