During the month that I have been testing the two new iRobot products, the Roomba i9 + and the Braava jet m6, I have remembered a lot of an Internet image of a robot vacuum cleaner taking a dog poop in front of it and spreading it all over the House.

Not that this happened to me, not exactly. I have three cats that do not pay attention to My Ogre or Tortuga, the names that I have put in the app for the vacuum cleaner and the floor cleaner; and their poops are always safe in their sandpit.

If I have remembered that comical image it is because, while the Roomba i9 + is the most precise robot vacuum cleaner that I have analyzed so far, its companion Braava jet m6 has thrown me a plant and overturned the cat feeder. With a result that I was not happy to find when I returned home.

The Roomba i9 + does its thing and doesn't bother

I may have started by throwing a bit of the image that you may have of these two products, but the truth is that they are fascinating and make my life a little easier.

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Since they are connected to the Internet and all scrubbing, scheduling and updating operations are carried out from a mobile app, you can either ask them to clean your house before you leave work or schedule weekly so that they do their work on the days they you need and at the time that suits you. This is what I do: they clean Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at the time when I have already gone to the newsroom to work.

Do not expect to be swept or scrubbed down to the last corner of your house, as they cannot be accessed behind doors. But to my surprise, they manage very well by getting between the legs of the dining room table chairs and under the TV cabinet or the dresser where I have clothes in my room.

I am obsessed with having the cables hanging and hidden behind the furniture, be it the computer table or the TV cabinet and the consoles, so I have not had any problem with swallowing anything in the cleaning process.

I did the test with a short sock and, yes, it got stuck between the wheels that suck the dirt, but the problem was no more: the Roomba i9 + detected an obstruction, stopped where it had been and sent me a notification to the mobile to Let me know that I couldn't continue cleaning.

But beyond these occasional entanglements, which I can count on the fingers of one hand throughout the month, I have hardly had to interact with the Roomba i9 +, which, far from being a criticism, is praise. On the one hand, because it dodges everything very easily, be it a sleeping cat or a box that you left in the middle of the house to bad milk.

On the other, because the dirt collected in its tank, when it has finished working, is sucked by the charging base, which has a vertical tank where everything accumulates until, after a while, you have to empty it manually. Yes, this is a pain, but better to do it once every two months than three times a week.

The Braava Jet m6 works well, but not so well

I cannot say the same with the Braava Jet m6. You have to be constantly worried that your mop is clean, which can be multipurpose or single-use, depending on which one you buy. You also have to add water, something that is not a complaint because it should be, but you also have to have a very specific cleaning liquid on hand to mix it with the water, which is a little expensive because it is from the brand itself. It can be used without this special soap, but it doesn't scrub the same, of course.

I like how it works: instead of wetting the mop, it shoots a small stream of water in front of it and then passes over the water, correcting its position right away to continue scrubbing in another direction. It is an intelligent system, which recognizes well when there is a door or wall frame so as not to wet anything other than floor.

But as I said at the beginning of the Braava Jet m6, after the three 'accidents' I had with it, I was already afraid to leave it operating on its own and I ended up reducing its use to when I was at home and I could half monitor and anticipate if it was going to roll some. I can not understand what is wrong, because it has the same sensors as its brother vacuum cleaner. Maybe some software? Both are updated on their own and without disturbing, since they are connected to the Internet, so this would be very rare.

The maturity of the roomba

iRobot has greatly improved its room detection technology, to the point of keeping maps of your house in and out of the gadgets (the latter, somewhat questionable). And this is noticeable in the Roomba, which are already the metonymy of vacuum robots and work miraculously well. But with the Braavas, we still need to improve a little more.

It is a pity that the price to pay for all this is so high. The combination that I have used of Roomba and Braava exceeds 2,000 euros, a money that only a privileged few will be willing to invest for the comfort gained from these devices.

And let's not forget that these devices need maintenance, which can range from an annual change as far as the wheel is concerned, to the monthly change of filters (a somewhat exaggerated recommendation by the brand, in my opinion). Since they manage the entire components business, they also end up getting a good peak out there.

Although the competition in the world of robot vacuum cleaners is incredible, both in price and performance, iRobot continues to maintain itself as the most prestigious and best-performing brand on its devices, keeping a comfortable distance for the moment with Roborock or Xiaomi.

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