▲ Triathlon team coach shown in Insa-Jung, Gyeongju Sports Association

The Korean Triathlon Association will hold the Sports Fair Committee tomorrow (6th) at 4pm.

The Triathlon Association can'permanently expel' perpetrators who have killed Choi Sook-hyun.

Currently, the case of Choi Sook-hyun is being investigated by the Daegu Prosecutor's Office, but the Sports Fair Committee may discipline the perpetrator even before the results of the investigation.

Prior to disciplinary action in Article 24 of the Regulations of the Sports Fair Committee,'If the disciplinary cause of the disciplinary allegation is recognized, the relevant criminal case may not be convicted, or even if the investigative agency is investigating it, the disciplinary action may be punished.'

This means that Choi Sook-hyun assaulted the athletes, and the coaches and seniors who uttered them can be disciplined by the Sports Fair Committee.

Disciplinary actions include'therapist called Team Doctor,' who has shown the most violent appearance in the recording.

Directors, team doctors, and one senior may not only be violent, but also beggar and fraud may be disciplinary reasons.

There are materials deposited in the accounts of managers, team doctors, and seniors in the coercion of Choi Sook-hyun and his family without knowing their specific purpose.

The Triathlon Sports Association can impose disciplinary charges of up to five times the embezzlement or useful amount of public money.

The deceased person informed the police, the prosecution, Gyeongju City Hall, Gyeongju City Sports Association, the Korean Sports Association, and the Triathlon Association of'harsh acts'.

At the time, however, none of the organizations involved offered any solutions.

(Photo = Yonhap News)