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incident that a taxi driver who stopped by an emergency patient in Seoul told him to go after resolving a contact accident in Seoul at the end of last month has been controversial. On the bulletin board of the Blue House, a petition for punishment of this article was posted, and 400,000 people agreed within a day, and the police are finally looking into the case again.

Reporter Hong Young-jae.

<Reporter> When an

ambulance carrying a lung cancer patient in his late 80s enters the left turn lane, a taxi accident occurs.

Taxi driver A asks for an accident to be handled even when there is an emergency.

[Mr. Taxi A: I'll be in charge, so I'll give you $119. If I die I'm responsible. (Because there is a patient….) Second, if you have patients, call 119 and send them. Do you know I haven't done an ambulance by private?] The

patients' family appeals aren't working either.

[Mr. Taxi A: (Your boss is caught in the black box here. You don't have to wait here.) Because there is a black box. Then hit me and go.] As the

crotch spread, the patient could not move for 12 minutes until another ambulance arrived 500m ahead of the hospital.

A patient who arrived late at the hospital died six hours after receiving treatment.

[Kim Min-ho/Survivor of patients in their 80s: It was a light accident with a slight bumper bump, but he couldn't hold the emergency car. I don't think you would have passed away even if you went to the hospital without blocking.]

The survivors posted an article yesterday (3 days) on the national petition bulletin board, saying that they would punish A, who is only accused of interfering with ambulance work, and agreed to over 400,000 in a day.

Police today announced that they will be charged with adding more powerful team detectives.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan·Hyun-cheol Yang, Video editing: Hye-young Choi, CG: Kyu-yeon Kim, Kyung-moon Lee)