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most dominant violence in the recording file left by Choi Sook-hyun, who died of himself as a result of assault and harassment, was a man called'Team Doctor'. However, he did not have a physical therapist's license, rather than a license from a male doctor.

This is reporter Cho Yun-ha.


[Team Doctor: Bite your teeth. Where did you do it? uh? Hey! Hit the curtain!]

March 2019, New Zealand Battery Training Center. Tim Dr. Ahn has beaten the players.

[Team Doctor: Come here. Do you like that? Do not hand down?]

Files recorded in the most battered choesukhyeon players left I was not Mr. led the team general manager director is rather jeoljeol map.

[Director: Let's have a drink. Have a drink, and the bean stew stew is boiled.] Even if I

swear at the players and slam it, it's hard for Mr. An.

[Director: Be

patient , sir.] Mr. Ahn moved from the Gyeongbuk Athletic Association to the Gyeongju City Hall and started working as a freelancer to help athletes rehabilitate.

It is known that he joined the Gyeongju City Hall team by arranging a player from the national team who worked at a hospital in Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk.

Ahn worked as a team doctor, but it was confirmed that he had no doctor's license or even a physical therapist's license.

Nevertheless, it was reported that players received up to 1 million won per month for physical therapy every month.

Ahn led the assault, but was not included in the disciplinary action because he was a freelancer who was not a member of the athletic team.

[Gyeongju City Sports Association officials: If you say'doctor', you should see it as an illegal medical practice, and if you impersonate, you must do it as a business interruption. .] The city of

Gyeongju will listen to the statements of other victims and, after the next week, accuse Mr. Ahn of charges of assault and medical law.