Happy conversations with WhatsApp stickers, emailing, to-do lists and writing thoughts with Twobird and exciting adventures in the post-apocalyptic game world of Beyond a Steel Sky . These are the Apps of the Week .


WhatsApp received a major update last week. You can now brighten conversations by sending moving stickers. Until now you could only send static images. It is also possible to add someone on WhatsApp by scanning a QR code.

Dark mode has been available for the phone version of WhatsApp for some time, but now also works on desktop. This makes texting in the evenings more relaxing. And do you use WhatsApp to video call with others? From now on, you can show one speaker on the full screen of your smartphone.

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Twobird is an email app, to-do list and diary all in one. The app is designed from the idea that inspiration just comes to mind and should be able to write down your thoughts as quickly as possible.

At Twobird, all parts of the app come together in the inbox. So you can create a shopping list, a financial schedule and an email to your girlfriend from the inbox. Reminders for upcoming appointments also pop up in the central mailbox.

A handy feature of Twobird is that you can still edit emails after you press send. Finally, the app also has desktop versions, so that all functions work on your computer.

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Beyond a Steel Sky

The 1994 cult game Beneath a Steel Sky has a successor. Beyond a Steel Sky is set in and around Union City, one of the last remaining cities in a world almost completely destroyed.

You take on the role of protagonist Robert Foster, who has sworn to find a missing child. On the basis of various assignments you will experience numerous adventures in a post-apocalyptic open world in which your choices are important. Your decisions, for example in conversations with characters, influence the rest of the story.

Beyond a Steel Sky is a puzzle game with RPG elements, with an emphasis on story and design. The game is immersed in a comic book sauce. The best part is that all players end up with a different kind of experience, because your choices influence the storyline.

Beyond a Steel Sky is playable via Apple Arcade. This game service from Apple costs 4.99 euros per month, after which you can play unlimited and ad-free, for example on your iPhone and Mac.

Download Beyond a Steel Sky for iOS (Apple Arcade, 4.99 euros per month)


Watch the trailer of Beyond a Steel Sky here