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new corona19 confirmed in Korea recorded 60 people for two consecutive days. In the metropolitan area and Gwangju, the spread of corona19 continued, and the number of foreign inflows increased again.

The first news was prepared by reporter Park Chan-beom.


Corona 19 cumulative confirmed cases yesterday (3 days) 63 people increased to 13,30 people.

Among the new confirmers, 36 cases of regional infections, 15 in Gyeonggi and 6 in Seoul, account for more than half of the metropolitan area.

Non-metropolitan areas are 8 in Gwangju, 3 in Daejeon, 2 in Chungbuk, and 1 in Daegu and Gyeongbuk.

In Gwangju, the number of confirmed persons increased to 57 as the group infections that began in Gwanggungsa spread to officetels and churches.

There were no additional confirmed cases of group infection from Daegu Acting Academy.

In the Seoul metropolitan area, sporadic infections are continuing everywhere, as the number of confirmed cases continues to increase, centered on the existing outbreaks of collective infections such as churches and door-to-door sales offices.

Group infections triggered by the Uijeongbu Jangam apartment also spread to the gym, leading to the fourth infection.

The number of foreign inflow confirmers came out the most in 11 days since thirty on the 23rd of last month.

Of the 27 cases of foreign inflow, 18 were confirmed during the immigration and quarantine process, and 9 returned positive after self-isolation.

The health authorities are developing the most dangerous situation in the quarantine stage of life, but they believe that it is too early to upgrade the social distance stage again as it is possible to deal with quarantine.