WhatsApp adds several new features - Geeko

WhatsApp has just officially announced the deployment of several new features, already known since some of them had been tested with a small panel of users in recent months.

The program therefore: the addition of new contacts via the scan of a QR code, which allows the user to quickly share his number or profile to a person met on the street, but also the addition of animated stickers which will make conversations more lively. The service already offered the use of stickers. These can now come to life, like GIF.

A very soon update

Other new features include an improvement in group video calls, which now allow a speaker's window to be widened.

On computer, WhatsApp also adds a "dark mode", which will allow users to tire their eyes less in the evening. The mode in question had already been added to the mobile app previously.

Each of these new features will be implemented through various software updates, which will be deployed in the coming weeks. To take advantage of this, don't forget to update the application by connecting your smartphone to a Wifi network.


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