A request to cancel'Force All' was canceled by former Army Sergeant Byun Hee-soo (22), who had undergone male-to-female sex surgery.

The Army said today (3rd) that the sergeant's petition was filed by Sergeant Substation today. "'Global Disposition' was made legally in accordance with the mandatory examination standards and the global examination procedures stipulated in the current Military Judicial Law, and the illegality of the global disposition was not confirmed. "The reason for the dismissal was revealed.

The result of the appeal was reportedly reported to myself today.

Sergeant Jeon Byun, who served in a unit in the northern part of Gyeonggi Province, hoped to continue his service after returning from a sex change operation abroad during the vacation last year.

However, the military conducted a mandatory investigation into the sergeant's physical changes immediately after the sex change operation, and made a'grade 3 mind and body disability judgment', and decided on a forced war on January 22nd.

Subsequently, in February, Sergeant Byun filed a personnel complaint with the Army Headquarters to reconsider the global decision, and conducted a protest on the 29th of last month.

Personnel appeal is a system that requests for cancellation or modification of dispositions when unfavorable dispositions such as the whole are unreasonable.

If you disagree with the results of the human resources appeal, you can file an administrative lawsuit.

At the time of filing the complaint, Sergeant Byun had already announced that he will file an administrative lawsuit based on the results of the protest hearing.

(Photo = Yonhap News)