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Choi Sook-hyun, who made an extreme choice after being subjected to harsh acts, was ranked. In addition to being plagued by the violence and violence of the team doctors and directors, there were also suspicions of being asked for money.

Choi said that Team Doctor asked for money without revealing the exact purpose when he went to training camps in New Zealand in 2015 and 2016.For two months in 2019, during the field training in New Zealand, he asked for 1.3 million won in nominal terms, including psychotherapy fees. Said.

The amount of money transferred from Mr. Choi and his family account to the team doctor is 15 million won. The senior player also asked for a deposit to his account, paying for specific reasons.

Some claim that the old passbook's personal passbook was used as the team's guard passbook, but the player did not specifically tell Choi and his family about where to use it.


Chunjae Lee also climbed the rankings. The police, who went on a re-investigation of the Hwaseong serial murder case, finally concluded that Lee Chun-jae murdered 14 women from 1986 to 1991 and sexually assaulted nine people.

However, it is impossible to punish Lee Chun-jae. The statute of limitations for the last serial murder expired in 2006. The responsibility of the photographer is not light.

At the time of the 8th incident of Hwaseong, a police officer who tried to cover the case by revealing false confession and torturing the remains of an elementary school student who had been murdered by Lee Chun-jae was tortured by tortured Yoon Mo, who was accused of the crime. You can not.

The police bowed their heads saying that they would apologize to all those who were harmed by the investigation.