"The manager, who manages the entire life of an elder celebrity in his 80s, held a public opinion saying that it was Gapil that helped him three times in two months?

It is a comment attached to an article related to'Actor Lee Soon-Jae's dismissal.' There are expressions such as'Isn't it Gapil's help to do the chores three times in two months?' Comments accusing the manager are on the rise. Looking at the article and its reaction to Mr. Soon-Jae Lee, it is natural to think that this manager is'a person who worked for only two months and recorded a small thing and cut down actors representing the entertainment industry.'

These reactions seem to be due to the position expressed by Lee Soon-jae and his manager's agency. Immediately after SBS reported an article on the 29th of last month, Lee Soon-jae revealed his position to other media. Lee said, "While the manager worked for about two months, my wife asked me three times for personal work, and after knowing that, I gave my attention to my wife. "I already apologized to the manager for that." The agency also said, "SBS reports are biased and distorted." I will take legal action with defamation of the entertainment industry's best actors for 60 years."

● The manager is not a household worker

The manager is not a household worker. The manager's job is related to the entertainer's entertainment activities. The labor contract is used like that. The manager's agency, Lee Soon-jae, showed a contract that he did not write with the fired manager, but had signed with the previous managers. The manager's job was stated only as a mission related to Lee's entertainment activities. There was no suggestion to help family members with household chores.

It is also claimed that it is the practice of the entertainment industry. However, the representative of the agency also said to the manager's grievance, "I knew to some extent that the housework was heavy through previous managers." If you need someone to do housework, you can hire a domestic helper, and if you need someone to drive when you're on the move, hire an engineer. If it's customary for managers to take care of the celebrity family's chores, it's just a wrong practice to fix.

● "It wasn't resolved... I was fired instead."

There is also a criticism that a manager who only worked for two months even recorded a record and lost the honor of Mr. Soon-Jae Lee. However, the manager said, "After putting up with it for two months, I struggled with the company and Mr. Soon-jae Lee." The grievance was simple. The housework was too heavy. The manager complained to the company, "If it's related to Mr. Lee's activities, it doesn't matter if you stay up all night."

The manager was instructed to report to Lee's family once an hour. Even if Mr. Soon-Jae Lee's schedule was over, it was common to have a family schedule. Delivering gifts to acquaintances and returning goods was also the responsibility of the manager. I even went shopping for 4 hours at a mart. The manager said, "I was told that I couldn't clean up my house, but I was hurt by my self-esteem." During the two months, there were only five days off, including weekends. It was also Sunday morning when I had gone to the station for a family trip. It wasn't even an itinerary for Lee Soon-jae. The manager complained to the company and Mr. Soon-Jae Lee, "There are grandchildren in the house, so even if there is someone who can do the housework, I even unpack the delivery box from the delivery."

But the problem was not solved. The company said, "Let's wait for a month," and Mr. Soon-Jae Lee said, "I will not use it after 7 pm." He didn't even pay for the 4 major insurance plans, and his monthly salary was only 1.8 million won. The reason was that they brought out a legal story like the Fourth Insurance. The manager said, "What the hell am I doing wrong?" He told reporters, "If there was no recording, there would have been no way to get relief because we couldn't complain to the Ministry of Employment and Labor and report it to the media."

● Deep-rooted practices… Sincerely apology,

Mr. Soon-Jae Lee told reporters, "I feel moral responsibility." "I've never fired a single person with my own hand in my life," Lee said. "I even looked at a former manager who stole money." In fact, Mr. Lee is not legally responsible for hiring and firing managers. "When the manager said to quit, even one million won was crossed deliberately." He also said that he hoped that the wrong practices for managers, including unfair treatment, will be resolved. It is for the same reason that SBS has identified perceptions and structural problems prevalent throughout the entertainment industry. "The former managers are aspiring actors and have often benefited from Mr. Soon-Jae Lee," said the company's representative.

The agency announced that it would apologize, saying, "We will be liable for legal responsibility or moral criticism depending on the results of the Labor Relations Survey." However, the manager is still asking for a sincere apology. The agency said, "I didn't do any chores such as washing dishes and cleaning," and said, "The expression of exaggeration is exaggerated." "I learned."

"I want you to admit what's wrong and sincerely apologize for your moral responsibility," said the manager. Currently, the company representative has suggested to the manager to have a press conference with Lee Sun-jae and three former managers who insisted that it was not exploitation. So far, only two of these companies, the former manager who posted on the social media and the SNS, fired and apologized to the manager. The manager said, "Once I hear Mrs. Soon-Jae Lee's sincerity, I will decide the future."