The opposition raised new accusations against Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) when the failed car toll was processed. The Bundestag committee of inquiry now received emails from Scheuer's member's account. FDP, Left and Greens but suspect that news is still missing.

The opposition parties again called for an independent investigative officer to check Scheuer's MPs postbox for crucial communication. The committee chairman Udo Schiefner (SPD) wants to have this checked. According to FDP chairman Christian Jung, his parliamentary group is considering turning to the Federal Constitutional Court.

Ministry of Transport apologizes for "office oversight"

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) had stopped the already legally sealed car toll in June 2019 as illegal. Scheuer is under pressure because he concluded the contracts to control and collect the tolls at the end of 2018 before there was legal certainty. The operators actually envisaged claim damages of 560 million euros after the federal government terminated the contracts immediately after the judgment. Scheuer rejects the demands of the companies and allegations by the opposition. Arbitration proceedings have started in the dispute with the operators Kapsch and CTS Eventim.

Among Scheuers' mails are numerous letters from a department head at his ministry. Scheuer communicated with him about the car toll via the email address that he has as a member of the Bundestag. The FDP, the Left and the Greens had asked for the e-mails and other documents to be released from the ministry as evidence for the investigation. A letter from the Ministry apologizes for the late delivery of the emails. It was a subsequent delivery, which was due to an "office oversight".

The Greens chairman in the committee, Stephan Kühn, criticized that Scheuer only provided the investigative committee with slices of information. Left-wing chairman Jörg Cezanne said: "The sudden submission of hundreds of emails does not strengthen MEPs' confidence in Minister Scheuer and his claim to full transparency, which he has repeatedly postulated."