Samsung has leaked two pictures of what is probably the as yet unannounced Galaxy Note 20. That happened on a Russian Samsung page, Ishan Agarwal noted via Twitter, which tweet more-often-throbbing information about phones not showing up.

The images showed a copper-colored phone with a rectangular camera island on the back. It shows three camera lenses. One may be a periscopic zoom lens, which allows further zooming without loss of quality.

The camera island resembles that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra released earlier this year. Samsung's Note series more often takes over functions from the Galaxy S line.

There is also a pen on the pictures, which is characteristic of the Note series. This allows users, for example, to write notes on the screen.

The images were found on a Russian Samsung website, on a page intended for the Note 8. That device looked very different, with fewer cameras that were also placed horizontally.

The picture has now been taken offline. Samsung did not respond. Typically, the company presents its Galaxy Note phones in August.