The police's re-investigation of a series of murders that occurred mainly in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do in the 1980s and 1990s, which remained the worst long-term unsolved crimes in Korea, ended in a year.

The police suspected that Lee Chun-jae, a 57-year-old suspect, killed 14 women and sexually assaulted and robbed nine other women.

Most of the victims killed were also killed after sexual assault.

The South Gyeonggi Provincial Police Agency today (2nd) announced the results of the investigation into the serial murder of Lee Chun-jae.

It was found that Lee Chun-Jae committed all 10 murders that occurred on Mars from September 15, 1986 to April 3, 1991, known as the serial murder of Mars.

Nine of these 10 cases remained unsolved, but in the case of the eighth incident where a 13-year-old daughter was found sexually assaulted and killed in Park Mo's home in Taean-eup, Hwaseong on September 16, 1988, Yoon Mo (53) was the culprit the following year. After being arrested, he served 20 years and was released in 2009.

Currently, Mr. Yoon is requesting a review of the case, and a review is ongoing under the Suwon District Court.

In addition, four murders, including Suwon high school girl murder in December 1987, disappearance of elementary school student in Hwaseong in July 1989, murder case in high school girl in Cheongju in January 1991, and murder in housewife housewife in March 1991, were also revealed by Lee Chun-jae.

In particular, the missing case of elementary school student Hwaseong, who disappeared while returning from school after returning from school on July 7, 1989, in the Taean-eup city of Hwaseong, was not classified as a murder case, but Lee Chun-jae in this investigation Turned out to have killed Kim Yang.

Lee Chun-jae held a fourth interview at the Busan prison in September last year with profilers, including Inspector Gong Eun-kyung (41, female), who took out confession by taking the psychological analysis of Kang Ho-sun, who killed 10 women in 2009. Confessed.

He was sentenced to imprisonment for jail murder in January 1994 and was imprisoned in a Busan prison.

Lee Chun-jae confessed to having committed 34 sexual assaults or robbery in addition to murder.

Police concluded that all 14 murders were based on evidence such as DNA of Choonjae Lee from the oil of some victims of murder, but there were no clear evidences for other cases, and some victims were reluctant to obtain a clear victim statement Only the case was concluded by his actions.

Nine cases of sexual assault and robbery in addition to murder were confirmed.

Given that the current level of forensic science has progressed significantly compared to the time of the serial murder in Lee Chun-jae, the police sent the products of victims of the murders that took place in Mars for the first time on July 15 last year to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, requesting DNA detection and analysis. And started the investigation again and finally finished.

It has been 34 years since 1986 when Lee Chun-jae first committed the murder.

Yong-ju Bae, head of the Gyeonggi South District Police Agency, said today, "I apologize to anyone who has been harmed by an unreasonable investigation by the police in the case of Lee Chun-jae."