▲ Agape Silver Center, which was cooperatively sequestered

22 corona19 confirmers were added in Gwangju only for one day, centered on Geumyang Officetel and Sarang Church.

Although the examination of the contacts of many outbreaks has been completed gradually, it is not easy to block the spread because new sources of infection are emerging.

According to Gwangju City on the 2nd, the number of confirmed cases in Gwangju has increased to 45 in recent five days, with a total of 78.

The confirmed person who was 4 on the 27th, 4 on the 28th and 3 on the 29th recorded the first double digit (12) on the 30th, and doubled again on the 1st of July (22).

If you look at 45 recent diagnoses by infection path, 6 people in Gwanggyosa Temple, 12 people in Geumyang Officetel, 6 people in Jeju Travel & Happy View Hospital, 13 people in Gwangju Sarang Church, 3 Agape Silver Centers, 1 in Hanul Nursing Home, and 2 in SKJ Hospital , Gwangju City has been classified into one job for the elderly and one inflow from overseas.

With regard to Gwanggwangsa Temple, 635 people were examined, and 629 people besides confirmed persons received negative judgments, making it somewhat calm.

Although the inspection of 250 contacts related to Geumyang Officetel has been completed, there are also possibilities that there are hidden contacts or confirmers, as some of the existing confirmers have visited and sold individually at various locations or attended coin briefing sessions.

In connection with Happyview Hospital where confirmed inpatient treatment, 468 people were tested.

Gwangju Sarang Church and Agape Silver Center related inspections were also completed.

In particular, Sarang Church was close to 13 people out of 20 who were in close contact with the apartment building, where they were in close contact, such as cooking in a poorly ventilated environment.

Examination of 162 people in the Hanul Nursing Home and those in the SKJ Hospital are ongoing.

(Photo = Yonhap News)