Did you have a humid and sultry day?

Yesterday (2nd) Seoul's daytime peak temperature reached 29.8 degrees Celsius, and in most other parts of the country, the temperature continued around 30 degrees.

It will still be hot today as Seoul climbs to 29 degrees. A similar temperature distribution is expected until the rain falls again across the country next week.

There are news of showers everywhere. First of all, 5~40mm of showers are expected around Chungcheong inland and Gyeonggi inland until dawn. There will be showers from day to evening in northern Gyeonggi and Yeongseo, Gangwon Province.

It also contains rain news. Between morning and afternoon, Jeju will have a lot of rain of 20~60mm.

Other areas that do not rain today are expected to be mostly sunny, but the ozone concentration in the metropolitan area and Chungnam is expected to be poor.

Seoul will start at 21 degrees Celsius in the morning. Daytime temperatures are expected to be 29 degrees in Seoul and 24 degrees in Busan and Ulsan.

It will rain again across the country from next Tuesday.

(Jeon So Young Weather Caster)