There are other players in the Gyeongju City Hall that complained that Choi Choi Sook-hyun has been abused. Other players facing the sad death of an old colleague also decided to take courage to sue the perpetrators.

This is the sole report by Jeong Ban-seok.


Mr. A, who was on the same racing team as Choi Sook-hyun.

He also said he was plagued by habitual assault and harsh behavior from team officials.

[Mr. A's mother: While giving her a tree, she said,'Lay down and stretch out' and hit the teenager. The blood line has exploded.]

Still, the reason I failed to file a criminal charge was my fear that I could end my career without proper punishment.

[Mr. A's mother: When I asked how much punishment was given, the investigator said that there was no punishment and that it ended with a fine of 200,000 won. My daughter was mentally challenged and started taking medicine.]

Mr. A and other incumbent players were also courageous because of the death of an old colleague.

It was decided to sue the coach and senior athletes involved in the assault.

Choi, who had died, left a message to his colleagues and friends before making an extreme choice, such as "Please tell me your sins." They decided to testify during the investigation and trial of Choi's case.

Hee-chang Kang, who played as a junior national team with Choi, says he could not raise a problem even though everyone knew.

[Gang Hee-chang/Former Cheol-in Class 3 Junior National Team: Violent acts and the director was smiling next to the abuser. I cried almost every day and struggled so much to call.] In

Choi's final appeal to punish those who had been guilty, fellow players who had suffered injustice and endured participated.

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-sung, video editing: Cho Moo-hwan)

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