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Vicente Vallés has once again become the protagonist of a viral video on social networks after one of his comments on the Government in Antena 3 Noticias . On Monday, June 29, he threw a battering bolt at Pablo Iglesias and his party.

The news program carried out by the Madrid citizen dedicated a piece to telling that Vox was going to report the Dina Bousselham case to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office.

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The video included statements by Isa Serra , co-spokesperson for Unidas Podemos , who told the media: "I think what we are seeing, which is being used by Vox , is simply trying to give that campaign a twist. against Podemos from the sewers of the State ".

Vallés commented after these words: " Podemos has subscribed, as you can see, to this speech that he already used in the elections that there is a campaign for the sewers of the State, a campaign that, if it exists, has not prevented Podemos from being in the power or that its leader is vice president of the Government. "

The journalist added: "It is clear that this case is getting tangled up for Pablo Iglesias , both in the courts and in the political arena." He explained that PP and Citizens demand that the vice president give explanations and appear in Congress: "They want me to clarify whether behind the alleged theft of his former collaborator's mobile card, there is actually a plot against Podemos , but a plot by Podemos for benefit you. "

Reactions in the networks

The video of the zasca of Vicente Vallés to Pablo Iglesias in Antena 3 News exceeds 400,000 reproductions on Twitter . Some users praised the presenter's work and mentioned him in thank-you messages. "Every day I like him better," said a tweeter.

Other people have criticized the journalist and his words about the state sewers, recalling the case of the so-called "patriotic police". A tweeter stated: " Vallés does the opposite of what should be expected of a journalist, not issuing assessments, not mixing information and opinion." There were also those who indicated that they did not see the zasca in what happened in the Antena 3 news programs .

Isa Serra's response

Isa Serra shared the same viral video on her Twitter account the next day, June 30. He did it together with a message to respond to the words of the presenter of Antena 3 Noticias .

"What does Vicente Vallés mean ? What difference does it make that Villarejo and the political police have fabricated false evidence against Podemos ? That it is not so bad that the sewers work? We came to the government thanks to the people and despite these campaigns, Yes. What a concept of democracy! "he wrote.

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