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Problems and failures in mobile and computer applications are unfortunately common, but fortunately, they usually have an easy solution. In this sense, the failures that Gmail is suffering in its computer versions are not something extraordinary, although it is quite annoying since it affects the deletion of emails or messages that are not sent correctly .

In this sense, users who have a Windows 10 operating system (the latest version of Microsoft's operating system and the most common version for laptops and desktops) are the ones affected by these failures that many users have reported through from specialized Internet forums.

The root of the problem would be found in the Windows 10 email app for those with their linked Gmail accounts.

According to user complaints, the application would be automatically deleting some of their emails or transferring messages that should not be found in the spam folder .

"Over the weekend, the emails I have been sending have not been shown in my sent items folder, although sometimes it does not reach the recipient," said one of the affected users in the Microsoft Community forum , who He has claimed that he deleted his account, verified all the settings and had the system updated, according to Europa Press.

For their part, Windows Insider sources have assured that a failure has occurred as a result of the latest version of the Mail application, available since May 28, since "the Mail application is broken in regards to the accounts of Gmail " .

At the moment, Microsoft has not provided any public explanation for these strange events .

Meanwhile, Google (the owner of the popular Gmail email accounts) has pointed out that "this is a problem that has been reported recurrently by Windows 10 users, " according to one user in a message in the forum. from the Microsoft Community.

However, the problem could go beyond the Gmail mail app. Outlook users as an email manager (on both PC and Mac) are experiencing similar issues. Also, those who use Gmail associated with a Microsoft 365 account would be experiencing these kinds of problems. All of them point to a common problem: the emails they have sent from their Gmail account using these services are not being saved and they do not have a way of knowing if their emails are being sent correctly.

Do you use Gmail?

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What can I do to solve this problem with Gmail mail?

In the absence of Google and Microsft working to give a definitive solution to these problems related to Gmail emails, users can take some precautions.

First of all, users should confirm that all recently sent emails have actually been sent .

Also, until the problem is solved, it would be advisable to use the Gmail web interface through its website or the official applications of the Google email service for mobiles and tablets.

Those who wish to continue using an email client to manage their email addresses can also turn to other email clients other than those mentioned above. There are countless of them that are completely free, intuitive and easy to use.

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