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, in which conscientious objectors of conscientious objectors who refuse to collect guns for religious reasons, replace military service by camping in the correctional facility, will be implemented today (30th). If you apply to the Military Manpower Administration or the substitute station screening and pass the screening, you will be in replacement service for 36 months from October.

This is Kim Tae-hoon, a defense journalist.

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Military Manpower Administration said that those who wish to be transferred to the alternative region for reasons of faith, etc., can apply to the Alternate Examination Committee or the Military Manpower Administration starting today.

It is only two years after the Constitutional Court made an inconsistency decision on Article 5 of the Military Service Act, which does not stipulate alternative service as a type of military service.

The Alternative Service Act was passed in December of last year in accordance with the decision of the Constitution.

In addition to the application form and proof of family relations, applicants are required to submit a self-statement statement, a statement of three or more parents and neighbors, a school record book, and a proof of belief.

Judging is from the end of July.

In addition to the submitted documents, the facts that examine the social media bulletin board of SNS and their organizations are followed by a preliminary review and a main review to select transferees.

Transfers to alternate stations will be convened as alternate service personnel from October.

They are camped for 36 months in the correctional facility without military training and take on subsidiary services such as meals, health and sanitation.

In the meantime, so-called conscientious objectors were faced with criminal penalties if they refused to join the army, but as of today, an alternative service system has been implemented to legally avoid military service.