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After the fake news, Facebook now wants to tackle "old news", dated news. Old articles are regularly shared on the social network without its members necessarily being aware of the date on which they were published or posted. However, popularizing dated information can be as harmful as fake news. This is why Facebook is introducing a new feature.

From now on, when members of the social network want to share an article on their Facebook page, they will receive a notification if the article is more than 90 days old. Thus, they will know that it is no longer a “fresh” news, but dated information. They will always have the opportunity to share the article, but they will at least know that the information is not very young.

Careful vigilance

Facebook explains why it implemented this system: "When we ask people what kind of news they want to see on Facebook, they continually tell us that they want information that is recent and credible." Mark Zuckerberg's company also reports that newspaper publishers are concerned about the proliferation of old articles, as this can give a false idea of ​​actual news.

Facebook also said that other measures will be put in place on its platform to ensure that the information shared on it will be safe and recent.

Our Facebook file

A policy that comes shortly after the social network has been the subject of numerous criticisms concerning its management of fake news on its platform, in particular the news concerning the coronavirus.


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