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Corona 19 re-spreaded mainly in the metropolitan area, an unexpected problem occurred ahead of summer. In a multi-use facility, a thermal imaging camera is used to check the heat, but as people's clothes become thinner, underwear is visible on the screen.

This is reporter Bae Yoon-joo.


Exit from KTX Ulsan Station, enter the platform, and as a middle-aged woman wearing a light blue dress passes in front of the thermal imaging camera, her underwear and belly button appear intact on the screen.

Even a young woman in orange clothes passing a little later, the underwear stands out on the screen.

Another woman wore a long dress that reached her knees, but her legs were clearly visible.

After looking at the thermal imaging camera in Ulsan Station for 30 minutes, 7-8 cases of such embarrassment occurred.

[Thermal camera operator: (clothes) I can't see if it's thick and I can't see if it's thin. The men were outlined. Something like a chest. Same for men and women. Because it is clairvoyant.]

Even if it is a black clothes that do not appear to be visible from the outside, if you touch it like this, it will appear in the form of a rhythm inside the thermal imaging camera.

[Train passenger: I think we need to cooperate, but I think it's unpleasant. I feel like I'm exposed to privacy.] The

thermal imaging camera supplier explains that the sensor sensitively detects the temperature difference, so the part of the underwear that is worn and the part that is not worn may appear.

[Infrared camera supplier related person: Do you not detect all the high and low temperatures? A belt or a bra line is because the temperature is high or low, so it is only a separate phenomenon.]

However, the type of the installed camera and the way it is displayed on the screen are different, so you should check the problem of the whole camera.

Thermal imaging cameras are operated not only at major gateways such as stations, airports and intercity bus terminals across the country, but also at schools, so it seems necessary to take measures before the day gets hotter.