North Korean defectors Park Sang-hak, a North Korean defector who has been spraying materials and supplies to North Korea, and Brother Chung Jeong-oh, a representative of the North Koreans, are being investigated by the police as suspects.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency's North Korea Flyer and Material Spray Investigation Task Force has been investigating the two on charges of violating the Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Act from 9:20 am today (30th). 

The police plan to check the suspicions raised by the police, such as the facts related to the North Korean flyers and the spread of material, and how to secure funds for group activities. 

Earlier, the Ministry of Unification decided to file a complaint with the police for violating the North Korea Freedom Movement Union and the Great Spring on the 10th as a violation of the Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Act. In addition, on the 26th, the police seized and searched the Freedom of North Korea Movement Federation and the office of Big Saem.

The police will decide whether to punish by reviewing the results of the summons investigation and the results of the seizure analysis.

(Composition: Joeul Sun, Photography: Choi Woong, Editor: Hong Myung Lee)