On the highway, after turning on the high beams, a retaliation of the netizens has continued.

On the evening of the 13th, the driver of a rear car who was driving on a passing lane on the Seoul Outer Ring Road turned up several times to mean'go fast' toward the vehicle in front.

The driver of the front car braked while braking, and the driver of the rear car again struck the high beam and rang the horn. Two car drivers with fertilization lowered the window and sweared.

Retaliation of the driver in front of the car in front. The driver of the car in front followed the driver of the car after turning on the high beam, and cut in on the shoulder or crossed the center line of the roadside and blocked the car. Then he got out of the car and hit the driver's face 10 times in the back.

When the black box video was released on the SBS 8 news report the day before, some netizens' workshop continued. The netizens commented, "For any reason, retaliatory driving and assault cannot be forgiven."

I heard an opinion from a lawyer who specializes in traffic accidents and traffic law. At the time, the situation was in the black box video, but check it out.

(Composition: Shin Jeong-eun, Editor: Hee-sun Kim)