SBS will follow up on yesterday's (29th) follow-up of actor Lee Soon-jae's unfair labor force and the poor working environment of celebrity managers, which has been practiced in today's 8 News.
▶ [Exclusive] "Dismissal of working like a mother" Disclosure of the actor's actor The manager

additionally reports the absurd explanation of the representative of the agency that he was unable to write Kim's work contract because he was busy with other work and points out the problem of the manager's situation.

The representative of the agency also fired Kim immediately after complaining that it was difficult to do chores, so it was not a violation of the Labor Standards Act because it was a company with fewer than five employees.

However, as a result of covering SBS, it was confirmed that acting academies operated by the representatives of the affiliated companies can be viewed as virtually the same company, using the same office as the affiliated company and the hiring interview of managers.