Ahn Indeuk (43), who burned an apartment and struck his weapon and inflicted 22 casualties, was sentenced to imprisonment in the appeals court, and appealed to the Supreme Court.

According to the Changwon District Law today (30th), Ahn Indeuk filed a complaint in court on the 25th, the day after the sentence.

In-deuk Ahn insisted on a psychosomatic drug and an unfair sentence in the appeals court, but the court seems to have argued that the sentence was too heavy because he only admitted it.

Changwon Prosecutor's Office Jinju Branch also filed a complaint with the Supreme Court in response to the appeals court's sentence on the death penalty imposed by the death penalty.

Detective Part 1 of the Busan High Court's Changwon Tribunal (Jin Jin-seok, chief justice of the Supreme Court) sentenced Ahn Indeuk to prison sentence on the 24th for the murder and arson of the building.

The judiciary judged that Ahn Indeuk's crimes were put together, and the death penalty was correct, but he acknowledged and reduced the state of mind and body at the time of the crime.

The first trial, conducted as a national participation trial, sentenced In-deuk Ahn to death in November last year.

In this, Ahn In-deuk appealed that the first trial court had to reduce the sentence to a state of mind and body, but there was an illegal sentence for the death penalty.