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night, the rainy season fell nationwide, but there were differences depending on the region. At night, rain was concentrated in Jeju and the southern regions. Today (30th) is expected to rain a lot on the east coast of Gangwon. A water bomb of up to 300mm is expected by tomorrow, and reporters from Gangneung will connect immediately.

Reporter Cho Jae-geun, is it raining a lot?


Yes, it is. I am now on the side of Namdaecheon in Gangneung-si.

As you can see, it is blowing wind with strong rain of 1~20m per hour.

A heavy rain warning was issued at 3 am on the east coast of Gangwon, Taebaek, and Gangwon.

In the morning of Samcheok, Donghae and Gangwon in Gangwon, thick raindrops of 20 to 30 mm per hour were once poured at dawn.

So far, the largest amount of rain in Samcheok Gungchon has been 108.5 mm, with precipitation of 65.3 mm in Gangneung and 78.12 mm in the East Sea.

There is also a strong wind warning on the east coast and mountainous areas of Gangwon, and since the maximum instantaneous wind speed is blowing around 20m/sec, special care is required to avoid damage to crops or facilities.

A lot of rain is forecast up to 300mm by tomorrow on the east coast of Gangwon. In particular, there is a fear of rain damage due to the heavy rain of 80mm per hour, especially in the north of Yeongdong this afternoon.

In addition, it is predicted that there will be many places where the high waves caused by the tide over the coastal roads or breakwaters.