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police started to acquire data today (29th) about a private kindergarten in Ansan caused by food poisoning. It has been a day since the victims filed a complaint with the group.

Reporter Min Kyung-ho reports.


Ansan Sangrok Police Station, Gyeonggi-do, arrived at Ansan A kindergarten in Gyeonggi-do, Korea, where an intestinal hemorrhagic E. coli infection, that is, food poisoning, occurred around 10:20 am today.

This is to check what happened before and after the suspected outbreak by receiving the CCTV installed in the kindergarten in the form of voluntary submission.

The police plan to first review the data obtained today, and then obtain a warrant for seizure and obtain additional data.

When a group outbreak appeared earlier, the health authorities examined samples in kindergarten A but could not find the causative bacteria. Up.

The parents of the kindergarten tried to destroy the evidence and sued the head of the kindergarten to the police yesterday for violating the Food Sanitation Act and for negligence in business, and the police started a forced investigation one day later.

A The head of the kindergarten explained that he did not know that snacks should also be preserved, but he did not knowingly discard them.

Currently, of the 202 children in this kindergarten, 111 children have symptoms of food poisoning, especially 15 children with symptoms of hamburger disease and 4 children receiving kidney dialysis treatment.