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Apple will not include the traditional white headphones or a charger in the box in which the new iPhone 12 will be sold, a phone that will arrive at the end of the year of which many features are already known.

It remains to be confirmed if this also means that there will be no Lightning to USB cable inside the box to connect the mobile to another charger that is already at home.

This is stated by Ming Chi Kuo, a name that corresponds to the famous 'insider' who every year advances with a huge success rate the news and changes that Apple will include in its products.

This news can be understood in two ways. The most obvious, as a fairly negative move by Apple towards its consumers, who will now have to buy the wired Earpods (29 euros) or the wireless AirPods (169 euros, at least) and a charger (29 euros costs the officer of Apple) to replace what no longer comes with the phone.

The other way of looking at this is the one that it looks like Apple will use to justify its move: it's a way that an iPhone with new components to include 5G coverage isn't more expensive for the consumer, who probably already has charging cables and other headphones at home to use with iPhone.

This argument collides somewhat with other news known this past week: that Apple has developed a small 20-watt charger with fast charge for the iPhone, which, however, is now not going to be included in the package as is traditional in Android mobiles. from Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and almost all the big companies from Apple's competition.

Apple has always made controversial decisions when it comes to its accessories for the iPhone or Mac, from abandoning the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack to abandoning full USB ports for smaller USB-C.

Given that many other manufacturers follow in the footsteps of Apple, however questionable these may be for the general public (such as the abandonment of the traditional headphone jack), it remains to be seen whether in 2020 or 2021 we will see Android mobiles go down the road accessories that have always been part of the sale package of mobiles.

In your case, it would make some sense since the chargers serve between one model and a more modern one and since the vast majority of Android phones use the USB-C standard in the connector to charge their phones, although each then has its own quasi-proprietary fast charge system that is not valid with the competition in many cases.

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Technology Everything Apple has copied to Android (and vice versa)

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