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The presence of counterfeit products on online sales sites is not a new phenomenon. Many sites are victims, as are buyers who are scammed for wanting to buy a branded item. Instead of receiving a pair of Adidas or Nike sneakers, they receive Adadas or Mike. These articles damage the reputation of sites whose policy is the authenticity of products - this is not the case for all - including the current leader, Amazon.

Jeff Bezos' firm invests enormously in solutions to fight counterfeits on its platform, which counterfeiters manage to circumvent. Beyond damaging the site's reputation, imitations can cause e-commerce sites to lose brand partners. Nike recently withdrew its store from Amazon US for this reason. Amazon has therefore set up a new unit specializing in the fight against imitation.

The great means

This unit, made up of former federal prosecutors, experienced investigators and data analysts, will work proactively. It will no longer be a question only of identifying the rogue or blocking the registration of suspicious profiles, but of bringing legal actions against the counterfeiters. So far, they have not risked much except the deletion of their profile on the site. Amazon hopes to keep them away from its platform.

In its press release, Amazon indicates that this unit will also support brands in their own investigations and administrative and judicial procedures. A way for the company to keep its partners.

"In 2019, Amazon invested more than $ 500 million and had more than 8,000 employees fighting fraud and abuse, including counterfeiting. Amazon’s efforts blocked more than 2.5 million suspicious actor accounts before they were able to put a single product on sale and blocked more than 6 billion suspicious bad registrations in 2019, "said Amazon said in its release.


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