In protest against hate speech and disinformation, several US companies no longer want to advertise on Facebook. The companies, which include Verizon, the second largest US mobile operator, ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's, and outdoor clothing brands Patagonia and The North Face, accuse the social media platform of being too little against the proliferation of racist and violent elements Content to do. Civil rights groups have called for the advertising boycott under the hashtag #StopHateforProfit.

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Telecommunications company Verizon said the company does not maintain strict content policies or tolerate violations in any way. "We suspend our advertising until Facebook can create an acceptable solution that satisfies us," said the company.

The boycott is expected to continue until the end of July. The trigger was the brutal arrest and killing of Afro-American citizen Georg Floyd in Mineapolis at the end of May.

Facebook manager Carolyn Everson then announced that the online network respected the company's decision. Facebook continues to strive to ban hate content from its services. They work with civil rights activists.

Facebook is said to have contacted advertisers to prevent further damage from the boycott call. Almost all of Facebook's revenue comes from advertising business.