Tik Tech: We tested the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet at 99 euros - 20 Minutes

  • Amazon is launching a new version of its Fire HD 8 tablet, the previous version of which dates from 2018.
  • Sold from 99 euros, this entry-level tablet with 8-inch HD screen does not deserve, but remains technically limited.
  • We will console ourselves with its memory capacity which can climb up to 1 TB and a good day's autonomy.

We only see its price: 99 euros. But what hides the new Fire HD 8 digital tablet that Amazon is launching for summer 2020? Real bargain or bad plan? "20 Minutes" tested it a thousand times during confinement - office automation or entertainment - and delivered its verdict to you.


A tablet that looks like… a tablet

No "Wow" effect when unpacking. Amazon's new Fire HD 8 tablet looks ... like a digital tablet. Very plastic in its manufacture, its finishes remain however neat, but the object does not release any particular personality. Lightweight (335 g), the tablet has an 8 '' / 20.3 cm screen.

The Fire HD 8 has an 8 inch HD screen of 1280 x 800 pixels. - AMAZON

It is significantly smaller than the screen of an iPad (10.2 '' / 25.90 cm). This size gathered allows a grip ultimately pleasant, the Fire HD 8 is in no way bulky. Similarly, it simply finds its place in a satchel or backpack.

An HD screen that suffers from reflections

With a definition of 1280 x 800 pixels, its screen is simply HD. And it shows. Oh, nothing unacceptable: the device is more than enough to binge watcher your favorite TV series, but lacks precision to flatter the retina when watching a good movie. We will be satisfied with it. Especially since Amazon has ballasted its slate with two stereo speakers ... For more privacy, Bluetooth but also the 3.5mm mini jack headphone jack are there to connect headphones. Please note: despite very good screen brightness, outdoor use is almost prohibited.

In bright sunlight, the screen brightness is not enough ... - CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN / 20 MINUTES

In addition to the unwanted reflections which weigh down on the atmosphere, an exhibition in front of a bright light - like the sun - opposes an end of inadmissibility to any attempt of use. In short, for the TV series / pool afternoons this summer, you will have to iron. Ditto on the living room sofa or in the back seat of the car: the IPS panel of the Fire HD 8 does not have good viewing angles. Consequence: watching a video alone is not a problem, but it is less comfortable as soon as there are two of you.

The front and rear photo sensors only count 2 megapixels each ... - CHRISTIOPHE SEFRIN / 20 MINUTES

In the area of ​​technical dead ends, the front and rear photo sensors on the tablet only offer 2 megapixels each, which is ridiculous… not to say useless, if not to improvise a meeting with Zoom. Filming in 480p or 720p, the Fire HD 8 seems to be of another age. This also confirms the speed of its processor ... far from being a thunderbolt of war.

Increased autonomy and memory

Where Amazon has made some efforts to modernity, it is on autonomy and internal memory. The first is a good day's use which is very correct. The second is, as desired, 64 GB (99 euros) or 128 GB (129 euros), with the possibility of extension up to 1 TB with micro SD card. What, anyway, download some movies and series to go on vacation. It's better than the previous generation Fire HD (in 2018) which only offered 16 GB of memory.

Amazon's app store isn't as complete as Google's. - CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN / 20 MINUTES

Finally, a reminder: Amazon tablets operate under their own interface and ... do without Google services. Suddenly, the online store of the web marketer is not as well stocked as that of the Mountain View firm. No worries about the video: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube and even Disney + are there. But not Apple TV +. For music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, or Tunein are accessible. But not Deezer. And to circulate this summer with the Fire HD 8 in the car, we will trust Mappy, Waze remaining to subscribers absent.


The tablet appeals to fewer and fewer consumers with the exception of the undeniable iPad


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