A male police officer charged with sexually assaulting and shooting a fellow police officer is expected to face severe disciplinary measures.

Today (24th), the Jeonbuk Provincial Police Agency announced that it had ordered to punish the police officer A, who was sentenced to death in court for alleged rape, camera shooting, etc. under special law on punishment of sexual assault crimes.

A police officer was accused of distributing sexually assaulting and lying on a cell phone after dissuading a female police officer in August 2018. The fact that A's father had abandoned the cell phone used for illegal shooting in the reservoir was captured, and there was no material evidence left, but A showed that the police had taken the picture taken at the time of the crime to his motives and said, "I had sex a few days ago." The prosecution investigation revealed the results.

And in the first trial held on the 13th of last month, Jeonju District Court's eleventh sentence (Jang Dong-won, chief judge) sentenced police officer A to three years and six months in prison. Appealed.
However, apart from the trial, the National Police Agency, which has conducted its own investigation into the case, is planning to open a disciplinary committee and set a specific level of discipline. A Police officers are subject to'honesty' dispositions that do not allow them to work for at least a certain period of time, and depending on the committee's decision, they may be exempted from'status'.

A police station in the North Jeolla Province where police officers were in charge said they would decide to dispose of personnel at the end of this month as early as the beginning of next month.

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(Photo = Yonhap News)