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Who says new version of OS, says new features. A rule which Apple has not departed from with iOS 14. And if the Cupertino company started its conference by presenting the new features of the new version of iOS, it has reviewed only a small number of news features and options. Here are the top five changes introduced by iOS 14:

Other default apps

With iOS 14, Apple opens up a bit to competition by allowing its users to modify the default email application and web browser, namely Mails and Safari, apps made in Apple. An important policy change for the Californian firm.

At startup, the user should be able to choose which application from which editor he wants to use. An approach that follows the logic imposed on Microsoft with Windows and Google with Android…

Widgets arrive on the iPhone

The future version of iOS will allow users to further personalize their home screen thanks to the appearance of widgets. These are small shortcuts that allow you to control various applications directly from the home screen, tools that are very popular and long adopted by Android users.

iOS 14: the 5 main new features - Geeko

iOS 14 also introduces the possibility of organizing the different applications according to their usefulness (games, messages, tools, etc.). Thanks to the App Library, users will be able to find the app they are looking for more easily by category.

App Clips

The Californian firm introduces a very interesting new feature with iOS 14; App Clips. The latter allows you to use the services of an application without having to install it first.

iOS 14: the 5 main new features - Geeko

It will even be possible to order a meal, pay for parking or make an appointment without having the app on your iPhone and without registering since users will be able to use their Apple account to do so.

An instant translation app

iOS 14 will introduce a new instant translation app that will support 11 languages, including English and French.

iOS 14: the 5 main new features - Geeko

Thanks to its screen split in two, it will instantly translate exchanges between two people who do not speak the same language, everyone will be able to see the translation of the conversation in real time. The icing on the cake is that the app will also work in offline mode.


With the new version of iOS, users will be able to continue watching a video or film on Apple TV + in a reduced window while surfing another application, responding to a message or the like.

iOS 14: the 5 main new features - Geeko

A feature that Netflix subscribers have known for a long time.


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