<Reporter Jae-Hyun Park>

This is the site of the fire disaster at the Icheon Logistics Center. 

It's been two months since 38 workers died. 

On Saturday, after a twist and tears, a joint ceremony was held, and it was heard that the family and the contractor agreed. 

Everything seems to be finished, but there are still some unsolved. 

Hanik Express officials were included in the judicial process, but they still do not accept responsibility. 

Hanik Express also made some suggestions during the negotiation process with the bereaved family. 

In late May and early June, the survivors met with Han Express twice. 

[Kim Geon/Icheon Fire Catastrophe Representative: I am willing to meet, but I don't want to talk about money. Their thoughts are not responsible until the investigation results. .] It was a

difficult meeting, but there was no apology.

[HanExpress officials (record conversations with survivors): We did a review. I've been researching several routes. Then, the client never took responsibility for it.] The

discussion of settlement money is a matter to be discussed by lawyers.

[HanExpress officials: We are not eligible for settlement settlement. It's not a partner. If you want to formally and officially talk about it, you just have to talk to your chosen lawyer and our lawyer... ]

However, as police investigation reveals the responsibility of the client, Hanik Express, and the survivors are expected to reach an agreement with the contractor soon, Hanik Express will pay tens of millions of won in the name of the grant to the survivors.

[HanExpress officials: The children being investigated are too hard... I said this because I thought we would overturn this contract and put it on top. If they agree, bring the contract... I asked for patience from the partners.] They

said that they would try to make a name in an agreement that they would not raise issues with each other without recognizing the responsibility for the disaster.

Kim Yong Joon / survivor's attorney: There, I will give up civil and criminal claims, agreed targets and "enter such information, did that is also an Express unprecedented talking about trying to face the civil and criminal liability put the them there]

redeemed for company executives Even when a warrant was requested, Hanik Express said to the survivors that it was true that they were not responsible for the disaster and even texted them as victims.

On the 18th, when company executives were scheduled to undergo a warrant review, Hanik Express sent a notice to the survivors saying, "If you do not accept the recovery fund, you will have to go to a long court action."

[Han Express officials: (Agreement) If you drop (broken) ○ 10 million won is not coming. Even if Hanik Express is guilty, even if it is taken as a civil and criminal lawsuit, there is only a small amount of money that can be received personally from us.] The

survivors who didn't even receive apology, opted to dismiss Hanik Express's proposal for funding. .

[Park Si-young/Fire Disaster Survivor: I think the agreement starts with a sense of apology and apology, not a matter of money.]

Hanik Express stated that it would take reasonable responsibility if the final investigation result was revealed to SBS.

He also claimed that he had been supporting the agreement between survivors, contractors and subcontractors so far, and that he was also fulfilling his moral responsibility.

(Video coverage: Choi Woong-woong, Video editing: Jeon Min-kyu)