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fire broke out last night (22nd) at the Yeosu National Industrial Complex in Jeollanam-do, where petrochemical plants were concentrated. The fire department had an emergency, but fortunately the fire was caught in 2 hours and 50 minutes without human injury.

Case/accident news, reporter Jeon Yeon-nam reports.


Red flames rise from the inside of the factory.

At about 8:30 yesterday evening, a fire broke out at the Samnam Petrochemical Plant in Yeosu National Industrial Complex, Jeonnam.

The firefighting authorities once upgraded to the second stage of the response and mobilized more than 360 firefighters and 38 equipment to fight the fire.

The fire went out in 2 hours and 50 minutes, and fortunately there was no casualties.

Fire officials estimate the origin of the fire by leaking oil from the boiler and investigate the exact cause of the fire.

--- At

about 9:20 last night, a fire broke out in a single-story mall in Goyang-dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do.

All the fires that spread to the shopping streets next door burned 5 stores, causing property damage of 70 million won and extinguished in an hour.

--- About

7:40 yesterday evening, there was a fire in the elevator machine room on the top floor of the 42nd floor apartment building in Cheongju.

The fire went out in 20 minutes, but more than 100 residents were surprised by the fire alarm and suffered great inconvenience in evacuating.


Around the same time, a 48-year-old Shin Mo, who was inspecting equipment at a paper mill in Cheongju, was found dead in a 16-meter deep tank.

Police will find Mr. Shin alone in the field and will investigate the cause of the accident, including whether the factory has followed safety management regulations.