The Constitutional Court of Korea is remodeling the building, but decided to stop it for a while.

It is said that the reason is because of the baby birds,

<Oh! Click> The third search term is'Stop construction for new baby'.

Not long ago, the Constitutional Court was working on changing the common room windows.

However, a bird nest with three eggs was found.

In a nest nestled in a tree next to a window sill, a mother bird harbored the egg, and two young chicks later broke the egg.
These birds were a common'flying copper' in the central region, and the Constitutional Court decided to pause and wait for the remodeling work until the baby birds grew and became independent.

This is because dust or noise that may be generated during the remodeling process may hinder the hatching of eggs and the growth of baby birds.

The netizens said, "Wait for a moment for your precious life~ It's impressive!" "I hope the baby bird grows up safely and healthily ^ ^"