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lectures are conducted online only, college students are demanding refunds of tuition fees nationwide.

It wasn't just about us, so reporter Han Ji-yeon looked at what overseas universities are doing.


Among the universities in Korea that have decided to partially refund tuition fees, they have been founded so far.

Protests for students requesting tuition refunds are spreading across the country, but the government has no policy to refund tuition fees.

However, it is a position that it is possible to indirectly apply to universities with difficult financial conditions through the cost of quarantine and online lectures.

[Ministry of Education: You are saying that you should do your best at school. (That's the order of the Ministry of Education. It's difficult because school is like that. Let's see what's difficult and give the college some finances. I'm looking for a way... We don't do it if we give it, but if we do it (at school), we give it.]

A university group is planning to file a lawsuit against the universities and the Ministry of Education.

These conflicts are the same with overseas universities, but most of them are responding on their own.

Eight public university students in Hong Kong are also campaigning to return tuition fees, and in the United States, more than 50 college students have filed lawsuits to refund their dormitory fees. .

In Japan, Waseda University and other universities have signed a campaign to reduce tuition fees, but the Japanese government has recently decided that private high schools do not need to pay tuition fees for Corona19.

However, some universities have provided online tuition support equivalent to 50,000 to 600,000 Korean won per student.

(Video editing: Kim Sun-tak)