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As soon as PS5 is released, buyers will be able to download several free-to-play games from the PlayStation Store, including a new version of Fortnite and GTA Online , which will be disconnected from the game's single player mode. Each PlayStation 5 will also come with a free game, Astro's PlayRoom .

Announced during this Thursday 's PlayStation 5 event, Astro's PlayRoom will therefore not be a paid game or even a PS VR title like its ancestor. Sony imagined it as a technical demo for its new controller. Closer to a gaming experience intended to show the playful potential of its new DualSense, Astro's PlayRoom will only give access to four different worlds. It will be an old-school platform game in which players can experience the adventures of the robot through the vibrations of the joystick.

For Sony, it is also a question of convincing the developers to exploit the full potential of its machine (to see here in video).

A bright future for Astro

Appeared for the first time in the PlayRoom VR game in the form of a technical demo for the PSVR, the little robot Astro was entitled to its complete game a few months later. Astro Bot Rescue Mission has proven to be a great success for Sony.

Today, it seems that the character is about to transform into a mascot for the Japanese brand, which could give it even greater visibility in its line-up in the coming years.


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