The court sentenced seven years in prison to a man in his 50s who had sexually assaulted his 11-year-old stepdaughter for about 10 months.

Today (12th), the 3rd Criminal Justice of the Jeju District Court (Deputy Judge Noh Hyun-mi) announced that she sentenced Mr. 52-year-old A to prosecution for seven years in jail for alleged violations of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes, etc. .

Stepfather A is accused of sexually assaulting Ms. B, who was 11 years old when she was hospitalized in September 2012 for surgery. Miss B had been hiding sexual assaults for years, and reported Mr. A to the police in August 2017.

Ms. B was not aware of the damage to Mr. A's words, "If you grow up later, you will experience it." She was shocked and ran away, notifying her mother of the damage, but she was afraid of A's injury and was unable to report.

Only five years after Ms. B's damage was courage was helping her friend who had something similar to her. When a friend made a statement that was a reference to a sexual assault by his father, he reported the damage to the police. Yang said, "The stepfather wasn't good after the crime, so I told her to never tell her. Even when I refused, I said,'You're my father's wish, so please do it one time.'"

Since the crime took place five years ago and Ms. B was an 11-year-old child at the time, the main issue at trial was whether Ms. B's statements were credible. Mr. A denied the crime, but the court judged that "the victim's statement is extremely natural and no circumstances have been found to suspect falsehood."

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(Photo = Yonhap News)