While it was pointed out that the third year of high school was unfavorable in college admission to Corona 19, Seoul National University relaxed and applied the minimum grade standard in the regional balanced line development type in the 2021 year.

Corona 19 saw that attendance, comparison, and activity could be disrupted, and it was decided not to reflect attendance and volunteer work at the regular recruitment.

According to the education community on the 11th, the Korea University Education Council (Daekyo Association) deliberated and passed the recent change in the admission process submitted by Seoul National University.

According to the revised plan, Seoul National University has lowered the minimum academic competency standard for regional balanced selection for high school students from within 2 grades in 3 or more areas of Korean, Mathematics, English, and Exploration to 3 grades or more in 3 regions in the 2021 entrance exam. .

At the scheduled time, which reflects 100% of the college mathematics proficiency test score, it was decided not to deduct points due to attendance and volunteer activities.

Before the change ▲ Unexcused absences less than 1 day (3 unexcused late arrivals, early departures and results are considered as absent days) ▲ More than 40 hours of total volunteer work ▲ At least 1 out of 3 items such as exploration and second foreign language course completion criteria If you meet, you will not be deducted, but if you do not meet, you will be deducted 1 point from your SAT score.

The Daekyohyup will notify Seoul National University on the 12th of the passing of the deliberation on the change in the admission process.

An official at Seoul National University said, "There has been no notification from the Grand Bridge," but said, "If you pass the Deliberation on the Grand Bridge, we will promote regular and regular recruitment as a result."

Seoul National University revised the admission process because it was pointed out that Corona 19 high school seniors did not attend school properly and that it was difficult to fill in comparisons and activities.

As the voice increased, recently, Deputy Prime Minister Eun-Hye Yoo and the Minister of Education said, "High school students are well aware of their parents' worries. "Every university is asking for cooperation to reflect measures to prevent disadvantages for high school students." I have said it.

Other universities besides Seoul National University are also preparing a plan to rescue high school 3.

Earlier, on the 9th, Yonsei University prepared a high-level remedy based on the content that does not reflect awards, creative experience activities, and volunteer activities in the evaluation of the student's sub-university screening for the first time among major universities.

(Photo = Yonhap News)