A song called "Daechitta" released by BTS' member, Sugar, is a topic all over the world. Daechwita is traditional music, which is our important intangible cultural property, and the Korean traditional music world is widely known.

Reporter Kim Soo-hyun


[Myeonggeum-il-ha-dae-ha-chi-ha-ha-ha-ha!"=Bring the gong once and start a great hit!] This

is the song released by BTS 's Sugar, a solo activity called Agust D.

Starting with the loud voice of a masterpiece of important intangible cultural property No. 46, Dae Jae-kuk, a traditional marching music composed of blowing wind instruments and tapping percussion instruments, it is melted into a cheerful hip-hop.

[Agust D (from Sugar V Live, BTS): I originally knew this music. I learn in music when I'm young. When the king came, the army marched, bulletproof and army, so I thought it was appropriate... .]

This song ranked 76th on the Billboard Main Single Chart Hot 100, and the album containing the song ranked 11th on the Billboard Main Album Chart, Billboard 200.

Amid such popularity, interest in traditional music, Daechita, is also hot.The National Gugak Center, which provided a large hit sound source earlier this year at the request of Sugar, began to publish a new subtitled content in English after the song was released, as the number of hits related to the hit hit the world and flooded with requests for commentary.

[Kim Hee Sun / National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts Music Research mounting: It is widely popularized haetneundeyo also the desire of many gukakgye, 120000 (the Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts Content) 400000, seeing what comes out can do so viewed it, we even surprised Surprise -

olds in the popularity of K-pop The great hitting of Sugar, which rediscovered and made it a source of creation, provides fans around the world with a new opportunity to meet Korean traditional culture.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young, VJ: Oh Se-gwan, Screen provided: Korean traditional music broadcasting)