Pinterest makes shopping with your camera easier and does Google Maps and Apple Maps gain a formidable competitor? These are the Apps of the Week.


A popular travel app that until recently was only available in the Randstad can now be used throughout the Netherlands. Citymapper is a nice alternative to other navigation apps, because the app takes a slightly different approach.

If you travel by public transport, Citymapper is worth a try. The app has a clear design and gives you plenty of room to set up the app so that it fits well with your trip. For example, do you travel the same route to and from work every day? Then you can add it to the home screen. This way you can check every morning whether the train is running or not.

Citymapper supports travel information about the bus, metro, tram and ferry and also includes the option to tick off shared bicycle or taxi services. Also useful if you go on a city trip and are looking for a reliable and nice app to find your way there with the public transport.

Download Citymapper for Android or iOS (free)


Pinterest has made a handy update for people who use the app to look for new furniture, for example. The new 'Shop' tab in the Lens section of the app allows you to take a photo of a product and Pinterest will search for products that look like it.

If you see a nice lamp somewhere, you can quickly find out how expensive it is and where you can buy similar models. Pinterest has been trying to get more people to buy stuff through the app for some time. And when people buy something on Pinterest, according to the popular app, it's mostly furniture.

Download Pinterest for Android or iOS (Free)

Dead Cells

The beloved and wildly popular indie game Dead Cells is finally making the switch to Android this week. In Dead Cells , it's up to you to escape from a prison, which in this game mainly involves countless monsters and defeating enemies and overcoming obstacles that often seem impossible at first sight.

While Dead Cells did well on game consoles, the game is ideally suited for smartphones. Every time you die you start all over again, but you do unlock more and more weapons and upgrades. As a result, things are getting better and a 15-minute play session can also contribute to your progress. Dead Cells is now also available for Android for a one-time purchase price of 8.99 euros. This makes the game a lot cheaper than on game consoles, but a lot more expensive than the average game in the Play Store.

Download Dead Cells for Android (8.99 euros)


Watch the Dead Cells trailer