About 200,000 copies were sold after the twists and turns, such as the site being paralyzed on the 5th, the first day of the online sale of a 500 won splash mask.

This is because buyers are attracted at once due to the advantage that the mask for splash-blocking is easier to breathe when worn than the mask for general health.

At one time, 7.8 million people were connected at the same time.

The masks for splash-block produced by Well-Kips began to be sold at 500 won per sheet in an online mall operated from 9 am on that day and sold out at 2 pm.

Well keeps mask is sold for 500 won per sheet, but contains 3 pieces per pack.

The daily purchase limit is 10 packs (30 sheets) per person.

WelKips Mask was expected to be sold out early, but the site was once down due to buyers coming from before selling the product in the online mall, and afterwards, repair work was performed, but there was a delay in accessing the site all morning.

Even when accessing the site, it took a long time to go to the payment window, causing consumers inconvenience.

A complaint was reported to the customer center of the company.

Some customers have complained, such as asking them to sell a five-subtitle or letting a pharmacy sell it.

Others pointed out that in the case of older people, it is more difficult to purchase through an online mall.

An official of Well-Kips said, "As of 11:00 AM, there were approximately 7.8 million concurrent users."

The anti-splash mask sold on the day attracted attention because of its thinness like a dental mask (surgery mask), which makes it easier to breathe when worn than a general health mask.

Welkeeps prepared about 200,000 copies for online sales on this day, and plans to continue selling 200,000 copies per day on weekdays.

We plan to review other online channels and offline store sales, taking into account customer reactions and market demand.

Welkeeps sells only products that are sold all the time this weekend and does not sell splash masks.

After maintenance work on the weekend, the mask for splash-blocking is scheduled to resume sales at 9 am on the 8th.

The anti-spray mask is a product used to prevent infection through droplets, and its particle blocking performance is 50 to 80% based on KF.

On the 1st, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety designated this product as a quasi-drug in order to supply a general purpose mask similar to a dental mask to the general public.

So far, four companies such as WeKips subsidiaries P&T, Kunyoung Cleantech, Finetech, and KM have been approved as 9 non-medical products for anti-fogging masks.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Affairs plans to supply splash masks in private distribution, not public masks, so companies decide autonomously about the price and timing of the sale.

Other companies are also expected to set specific details such as the timing and price of the mask sale within this month.