Snapchat will stop promoting US President Donald Trumps' account on the Discover tab in the app. That's what parent company Snap told The New York Times . The company cites the reason "not to want to strengthen voices that incite racist violence and injustice."

The decision was made last weekend, according to the company. That happened after Trump tweeted that "cruel dogs" and "horrible weapons" would have been deployed if protesters had entered the White House grounds.

Anti-racism protests have been held in the United States and beyond for over a week after a white police officer killed unarmed black American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Trump's account will remain active on Snapchat, but will no longer be promoted. Previously, messages from the President appeared more often on the Discover tab, where popular celebrity posts are often shared.

Trump's tweet was not shared on his Snapchat account, by the way. Twitter also did not intervene and left the tweet. Twitter did take action last week by hiding two other Trump tweets. The social media platform labeled the messages for potentially misleading information.

According to Trump, social media wants to silence republicans. The president threatened "strict regulation or closure" to ensure that this did not happen.

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Facebook is not removing controversial post

Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg decided to leave a controversial message from Trump on his platform. In the message, Trump responded to demonstrations that got out of hand. "When the looting starts, the shooting starts," he wrote.

This post was blocked on Twitter because it violated the platform's rules. While Zuckerberg is said to have found the message "inflammatory and harmful," the post isn't against Facebook's guidelines.