college student majoring in <Anchor> was also molested and assaulted by players from national teams. I reported it to the bishop, but neither the local governments nor the city athletics team even investigated.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam reports.


A college student canoe player A was trained on a field trip in May last year from a canoe team in Gangseo-gu, Busan.

It was a team with nationals, so I had high expectations, but my dream of learning a number turned into a nightmare.

I was molested by the players.[Mr. A: Come in while you're taking a shower... (Suppressed) by force (I

was molested )] He was assaulted.

[A: At that time, I was really sick, but I was patient. Because I have to learn, I have to be a player and I want to learn a lot… .]

Unable to endure, A quit sports in July last year and dropped out of college.

In addition, the damage was reported to the team manager, but no action was taken by either the coach, the ward office, or the city athletic meet.

[People of Busan Metropolitan City Sports Association: I didn't know from the Fair Sports Department. (The case itself?) Yes.]

[People from Gangseo-gu, Busan: Since the person in charge at that time wasn't me, the part I would answer is difficult... .] The

two players who bothered Mr. A were the national teams of the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games.

Between the ward office and the city athletic meet, the two athletes resigned to the ward office after participating in the national competition in October last year.

The NHRCK advocated that sports and ward offices neglected their duty to protect athletes from violence and sexual violence, and advised that disciplinary officers in the workplace and the Ministry of Employment and Sports would make mandatory reporting regulations in the event of violence or sexual violence.

The athletes are being charged with special charges of accusation, etc., on the victim report.

(Video coverage: Shin Dong-hwan, Seung-tae Kim, Video editing: Won-hee Won)