Hackers, presumably led by the Iranian and Chinese governments, have recently turned their attention to the email accounts of employees working on the presidential campaigns of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Shane Huntley, a senior security officer of Google's Threat Analysis Group, announced this on Twitter on Thursday.

The Iranian hackers would target a Trump campaign by means of a phishing attack, the Chinese hackers would target the Biden campaign. According to the security officer, there are no indications that the phishing attacks were successful and email accounts were compromised by the hackers.

"We sent a warning to targeted users and forwarded the information to federal law enforcement," a Google spokesperson told Reuters . Google declined to provide more details about the phishing campaign.

Representatives of Biden and Trump's campaigns have not yet responded to the news.

Recently TAG saw China APT group targeting Biden campaign staff & Iran APT targeting Trump campaign staff with phishing. No sign of compromise. We sent users our govt attack warning and we referred to fed law enforcement. https://t.co/ozlRL4SwhG

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This is not the first time that hackers are targeting a presidential campaign. Microsoft reported in October last year that a hacker group, believed to be led by the Iranian government, attempted to access accounts of a US presidential candidate in August and September.

The software company had not disclosed which presidential candidate was involved. However, sources at the time told Reuters news agency that it was the campaign team of incumbent President Donald Trump.